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What to Expect When Having Your Windows and Doors Installed by Concept Glazing.

Upgrading your home with new windows and doors can significantly enhance its appearance, energy efficiency, and overall value. Choosing the right company for this crucial task is essential, and Concept Glazing stands out as a reputable provider of high-quality glazing solutions. Here's a comprehensive guide on what to expect when you have your windows and doors installed by Concept Glazing.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

1. Consultation and Quote:

The process begins with an initial consultation where a Concept Glazing representative will visit your home to assess your needs. They will discuss your preferences, provide recommendations, and take precise measurements. This step ensures that you receive a detailed and accurate quote for the project.

We use a custom CAD design software, to visualise what your new composite door, aluminium windows or even bifolding doors will look and operate like. This sets us apart from the rest as we can show you exactly what can be achieved for your home.

2. Custom Solutions:

Based on the consultation, Concept Glazing offers custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need energy-efficient windows, security composite doors, or stylish aluminium bifolding doors we provide options that match your aesthetic and functional needs.

Selection and Customization

3. Wide Range of Options:

Concept Glazing boasts a diverse selection of windows and doors, including, - Flush Windows, composite doors, aluminium bifolds and slim patio sliding doors all in a range of aluminium and Upvc.

You can choose from modern flush windows and aluminium bifolds, to traditional stained glass, to complement your home's architecture.

4. High-Quality Materials:

All products from Concept Glazing are made from high-quality materials designed to offer durability, energy efficiency, and security. Their windows and doors are built to withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining their appearance and functionality.

Scheduling and Preparation

5. Scheduling Installation:

Once you have selected your windows and doors, Concept Glazing will work with you to schedule the installation at a convenient time. They understand the importance of minimizing disruption, so they aim to accommodate your schedule.

6. Pre-Installation Preparation:

Before installation day, you will receive regulr updates and a pre installation call or email 1 week prior to run through the job next make her your ready for the big day This may include moving furniture away from windows and doors, removing window treatments, and ensuring clear access for the installation team.

Professional Installation Process

7. Experienced Installers:

Concept Glazing employs skilled and experienced installers who adhere to industry best practices. Their team is trained to handle installations with precision and care, ensuring a high-quality finish.

8. Efficient and Clean Installation:

On installation day, the team arrives promptly and begins the process by protecting your home with dust sheets and other protective materials. They work efficiently to remove old windows and doors and install the new ones, ensuring minimal mess and disruption.

9. Attention to Detail:

The installers pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each window and door fits perfectly and is properly sealed. This not only enhances the appearance but also improves energy efficiency and security.

Post-Installation Services

10. Thorough Inspection:

After installation, the team conducts a thorough inspection to ensure everything is correctly installed and functioning. They check for proper operation of windows and doors, ensuring locks and seals are working as intended.

11. Clean-Up:

Concept Glazing prides itself on leaving your home as clean as they found it. The team removes all debris, old materials, and protective coverings, leaving your home clean and ready to enjoy your new windows and doors.

12. Final Walkthrough:

Before leaving, the installers will walk you through the completed work, demonstrating how to operate and maintain your new windows and doors. They will answer any questions you may have and ensure you are satisfied with the installation.

Aftercare and Warranty

**13. Warranty and Support:**

Concept Glazing provides a comprehensive warranty with IWA insurance backed guarantee and FENSA certification on their products and installation services. This warranty covers any potential issues that may arise, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected. -

14. Ongoing Support:

Should you have any concerns or require further assistance after installation, Concept Glazing offers ongoing customer support. Their team is available to address any questions and provide maintenance tips to keep your windows and doors in optimal condition.


Choosing Concept Glazing for your window and door installation ensures a seamless and professional experience from start to finish. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident. By opting for their services, you can look forward to enhanced aesthetics, improved energy efficiency, and increased security for your home. Whether you’re upgrading for comfort, style, or value, Concept Glazing delivers exceptional results that meet and exceed your expectations.

Covering the areas of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Wimborne, Ringwood and surrounds areas.

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